Devon County Trials

Devon County Trials
Coaches / County / Club officials please ensure that this email is distributed amongst your Club’s players. Please see the relevant age group for your son / daughter below. If they would like to trial to represent Devon County in the ASA SW Inter County Championships, then please email your registration of interest by sending the following information:
•         Full Name:
•         Date of Birth:
•         Club Name: and
•         ASA Number (if known).
There is no cost associated with the trial or the competition once selected.
Players of all standards are welcome to attend – one of the aims of the trials is to get players used to what a trial is, as this will stand them in good stead for future trials / competitions etc.
12 & Under Mixed Age Group, players born 2005 and younger.
Trials – 16th September 2017 @ North Devon Leisure Centre, Barnstaple, 16:00 to 17:30.
14 & Under Mixed Age Group, players born 2003 and younger.
Trials – 24th September 2017 @ North Devon Leisure Centre, Barnstaple, 13:00 to 14:30.
16 & Under Female Age Group, players born 2001 and younger.
Trials – 24th September 2017 @ North Devon Leisure Centre, Barnstaple, 14:30 to 16:00.
16 & Under Male Age Group, players born 2001 and younger.
Trials – 24th September 2017 @ North Devon Leisure Centre, Barnstaple, 16:00 to 17:30.
18 & Under Male Age Group 
Senior Female Age Group 
There will be no trials for these age groups. When coaches for these teams have been identified they will be asked to select sides from the players that they have observed playing in the Devon League in the past year. Players eligible in these categories will likely already be playing regularly, and will also possibly have played together as teams in the past.
Senior Male Age Group.
Players will be invited to express an interest in taking part in the competition, and should note that if they are eligible and registered to play for a team entered in the British Water Polo League, then they are not eligible to represent Devon in this competition. If you wish to express an interest please email me by return.
I apologise for the short notice of these trials, I have been waiting on confirmation of the dates of the competitions, so that we could ensure that coaches would be available. In the absence of this information we will just have to do the best we can.
If any player cannot make the trial date for their age group, but still wishes to be considered for selection then please let me know. I will consult with the coaches at that players Club for an assessment of that players capability. I can’t guarantee selection for any player via this route, but will happily discuss any players possible selection if the home Club’s coach feels that it is merited.
As we don’t yet have confirmed dates for the competitions, although it appears likely that they will take place in the second half of November, I am asking all coaches that may be interested in coaching the sides to contact me as soon as possible, and we shall ensure that we have coaching teams ready for each age group.
I should like to ensure that all Clubs have representation on the coaching teams, an aim which I know James Baker, my predecessor in this role, and to whom I am indebted for the shameless theft and modification of this email, also shared. This can only be good for our Clubs and the players of the County.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate in contacting me.
Kind regards
Yours sincerely
Doug Litt
Head Coach – Devon County Amateur Swimming Association (Water Polo).

ASA SW Region Water Polo Academy

Dear Player/Parent

ASA SW Region Water Polo Academy

This email provides key information relating to the recommencement of the ASA SW Regional Water Polo Academy for 2017/18 with dates for the trial being:

23rd September – 12.30-14.30 girls 2003-2005

– 14.30 -16.30 girls 2001-2002

30th September – 12.30-14.30 boys 2003-2005

– 14.30 -16.30 boys 2001-2002

(Please arrive 30 mins before for registration)

Please ensure that all enquiries are directed to the email address below and not replying to the address this has been sent from.

  1. Rationale for / Purpose of the Regional Academy

With the demise of the centralized England Talent , the ASA SW Region Water Polo Committee has therefore continued to make arrangements for a Regional Academy to run the elite training pathway on behalf of the ASA and will also use these sessions to assist with training and selection of regional squads.

  1. Who Operates the Regional Academy

The Regional Academy is operated by the ASA SW Region through the Water Polo Committee. The Regional Academies are ‘stand-alone’ and not the subject of any management by any higher authority or any individual at ‘national level’. Therefore, to the extent that you may have any issue relating to the Regional Academy you should address these through:

Colin Hunt (e: / t: 07910651885)

Colin will be the administrator for the Regional Academy, and will take up day to day administration and act as the first point of contact for those individuals attending the Regional Academy .

  1. Relationship between the Regional Academy, Inter Regional Championships and England Talent

The Regional Academy put in place by each of the ASA Regions are to develop players and has potential for players  to also be nominated to attend England Talent / national team consideration.

The ASA SW Region will continue to select teams to represent the Region within the ASA Inter-Regional Championships with the aim of fielding the strongest possible team. Therefore, technically, a player who is exceptional but chooses not to attend the Regional Academy or with a view to participating with England Talent could still be selected to represent the ASA SW Region within the Inter-Regional Championships.  These sessions will thou be used to develop team tactics and therefore it is highly advisable to attend the Regional Academy.

Locations and Dates of the Regional Academy for 2017/2018 will be confirmed in the near future:

The Regional Academy will be held at Hengrove Park, Bristol for the remainder of 2017 sessions.

Hengrove Park Leisure Centre,
Hengrove Promenade,
Hengrove Park,
BS14 0DE

TEL: 01179370200

The Academy anticipates to hold seven sessions in the months of September, October, November, December, January, February and April (will break for the month of March)

Players of suitable ability will be invited to return from the first Regional Academy in September to all subsequent sessions in 2017/18.

The fee to attend the first session/trial on the 23rd or 30th September 2017 is £10 per person (payment details to follow)

If you are invited back to the Regional Academy then the remaining fee will be £10 per session, total £60 to cover the remaining sessions.  We cannot accept part-payment where players can only make some of the sessions.

What you need to do to attend the Regional Academy

If you wish to attend the Regional Academy you need to email the following details to the above address:




I hope that the above email provides you with a good level of initial information. If you do have any immediate questions please contact Colin on the above address.

Please could you ensure that the information contained within this email is distributed to all Clubs / Players.

Kind regards

ASA South West Region Water Polo Committee

A Plea From One Of Our Members – Lucy Chard-Maple. 

Please Read and Donate If a You Can Lucy Chard-Maple – 50 mile swim for Stroke Association

In April last year (2016) I lost my grandma Joan after she suffered from 3 strokes in the course of a month. When the first stroke hit she was left with no use of her left arm and leg and struggled to speak and eat. However, she began to recover just after a week, and was determined to get her life back. We were all given hope that she would get back to how she was before. But just a few days after her 93rd birthday, after she had managed to start swallowing on her own and talking with ease, they suspected she had another 2 strokes during the night. My grandma was left nearly completely paralyzed and had no way of communicating with any of us. The doctors decided it was best to stop her medication and accept that there was nothing that could be done. After every visit we would say our goodbyes, just to go back and do it again the next day, and next, until finally she passed away.

There are over 1.2 Million stroke survivors in the UK, my Grandma wasn’t one of them, but I want to help prevent families from going through what my family and my Gran had to. With your help, strokes can be prevented and when they do occur, we can increase the chances of them making a recovery. A stroke occurs every 3 and a half minutes, and one in every 2 seconds worldwide. It kills twice as many women as breast cancer and more men than testicular and prostate cancer do combined in a year. I want to help this be recognized and get the Stroke Association UK the support it rightly deserves.

Starting on the 7th of August I will be swimming 50 miles through the course of 3 weeks to raise money for the stroke association. It would mean the world to me and my family for any kind of support, if that would be sharing my Just Giving page on Facebook or simply donating. Ways to donate are by either giving ……………………………………. your wished amount and filling in the sponsorship form, or by visiting Just Giving and searching “Lucy Chard-Maple”. Thank you.

Volunteers needed for epic swim event

100’s of people are taking to the river Dart and swimming 10k in September.
We need volunteers to help support these people.
Do you know of anyone who is free on September 9th or 10th and wants to help?
Volunteer roles would range from handing out jelly babies on a pontoon to swimmers, to helping them remove their timing chips when they come out of the water or handing out a much needed hot chocolate at the finish line.
We have people swimming and raising money for our wonderful charity, please let me know if you would like to be part of our awesome team.
The event will start at Totnes and finishes on the village green in Dittisham.
If you are interested or want to know more please email
Level Water teaches disabled children to swim with free one-to-one lessons. Each child is taught until they can join group swimming lessons and continue swimming forever, without the charity’s support.

Colette McCarthy
Project Coordinator

Level Water: getting disabled kids swimming
Registered Charity Number 1151510