The Cold Front………

You will all be aware that there are serious issues with the pool temperature at The Pyramids. Currently it is fluctuating between 24 and 25 degrees. The normal temperature of the pool is 29 degrees.
Some people have asked why we are not using the pool for training when it is open to the public?
The simple answer is that it is very cold!
Put in to context, those of you that have played at Cardiff and Sheffield will know the ‘woooah that’s cold’ feeling when you first jump in. Both of these facilities run their pools at 28 degrees for competitions. That’s only 1 degree colder than The Pyramids should be. Now, let’s take the temperature down to 24………………………………..
There are of course a few members that have the benefit of ‘added insulation’ and I know the Jaggers is appreciative of his now, but the younger and slimmer ones of us do not have the the blubber blanket to protect us, and the cold affects us very quickly – hence why I myself am not in the pool.

We will of course keep you updated, and there will be more information posted later.

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