5 Exeter players at GB Training Camp

IMG_1977Five Exeter players have spent 7 days training as part of the GB U17 Training Camp in Malta over the past week. From left to right – Alex Waller; Eric Perkin; Jack Cutting; Assistant Coach – Jaggers;  Brad Watts and Tom Hutchens.

One thought on “5 Exeter players at GB Training Camp

  1. We have been enjoying a holiday in sharm el shiekh. Yesterday afternoon we were watching what was meant to be a friendly game of Water Polo. During the game what consisted of mainly children, rumours were going around that one of the players played for team GB (Jack Cutting). We noticed he was being very aggressive throwing the ball really hard and man handling people. As the game progressed this got worse and he eventually violently attacked one of the adult players; he meaningfully punched him in the face. This has resulted in the man having a closed black eye, which he has had to receive medical attention for at his own cost. Jack did not once apologies to the man and quickly ran off to his parents who also did not encourage him to apologies. The parents were confronted by one of the other guests and just said “this is what he does, people like to give it but can’t take it”. This made no sense as the man was not aggressive towards him? The guests around the pool were in complete shock at the act but more so at the attitude afterwards and the lack of no apology after such an unjust attack. This is unacceptable behaviour especially from a young athlete representing his country. Surly something can be done about this. As this is not the sort of behaviour such athletes should be portraying. Just because it is a teenager attacking an adult it seems to have been ignored but this would have been a different story if an adult had punch a child.

    If you would like any more information or a formal statement please contact me via email. Thank you.

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