OUR CLUB’S TALENT ON SHOW NATIONALLY… and we need your help!

We are looking for your help to make it happen for Exeter Ladies’ Waterpolo

Background – The Men’s and Women’s British National Waterpolo League has been running in the current form since 2010, the league is going from strength to strength with the standard of water polo attracting players from all over the world to join teams making the league increasingly competitive. The league now comprises of the top 64 teams from England, Scotland and Wales – 40 men’s and 24 women’s. For the first time this year the top tier Super 5s was even televised on the BBC!

This coming season there will be four new teams taking part in the BWPL, after battling through closely fought qualifying tournaments at the end of last season. In the women’s competition, Exeter and Watford won promotion! It all came down to the final game, which  was really exciting and played in front of a packed house in Northampton, Exeter and Watford clashed in the nail biter to decide which team would go through. Victory to Exeter 5-4 meant Exeter Women’s team won, their first successful team entry into the British National League! What is more exciting is that the Exeter Women’s team is made of lots of young home grown talent who have come up through Exeter Water Polo and Swimming Club.

This is an amazing opportunity to for a group of local girls to play at the highest Club standard. We have 13 in a match day team, but about 20 in the squad with the youngest in the team being only 14 years old, and we have worked hard week in week out, training as a team with the sole aim of winning entry to the National League. Now we have, we are so excited to continue this hard work ready for the National League season starting in September. The are 3 weekend competitions in Northampton (September), Sheffield (October) and Manchester (November) in which we will play between 3 – 4 games each time, there then is potential for play-offs and promotion, so the stakes are high!

Saturday 21st and 22nd September saw us in our first ever weekend of National League competition with wins against Southampton (17-3) and Watford (10-3) and single hard fought defeat to Penguin Emperors (London) (7-14). See us finish in 3rd out of 8 in the overall standings after the first round.

How can you help??

We are looking for help in any way you can!

We are looking to raise funds to cover the cost of the league entry fees which is £2500.

  • Do you know a business large or small that we can approach for support?
  • Do you have any ideas for fundraising opportunities?
  • Can you support the operating of the club with any skills… you don’t even need to understand waterpolo!!

If you can help in any way please contact Tyna Crow

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