Exeter Water polo HIIT Training Session

Exeter Water polo HIIT Training Session 1

So by now we’ve all had a few weeks to binge watch Netflix and eat ice cream! However, at some point we will be back in the pool and training harder than ever. So to stay in shape and avoid the lockdown blues. 

Below will be the first of many workouts we’ll be adding over the next few weeks for everyone to try out. 

Remember to take some photos and videos during your workout for us to share and inspire others!

Move at Home HIIT Workout 1

Spiderman Lunge with Reach5 reps each side
Box Jumps10 Reps
Pushup From Knees10 Reps
Lateral Skater Jumps10 Jumps on each leg
Jump Squats12 Jumps
Dumbbell Snatch8 Reps with each arm.
Step Up & Press15 reps on each leg.
Mountain Climbers10 Reps
Tuck Jump Burpee10 Reps

Spiderman Lunge with Reach

How To: 

  • Start standing. 
  • Take a big lunge step forward with your left foot. Put your hands down inside your left foot. 
  • Turn with your left arm toward your left leg, reaching your hand up toward the ceiling. 
  • Come back down, step back and switch sides.

Box Jumps

How To:

  • Find a chair or couch you can safely land on. 
  • Jump up onto the surface of the chair or couch, landing softly. 
  • Bend your knees and stick your hips back as you land. 
  • Then, step back down to the ground and repeat.

Pushup From Knees

How To:

  • Start on the ground on your knees. 
  • Plant your hands directly under your shoulders. 
  • Drop down until your chest is close to the ground, then press back up until your elbows are straight. 
  • Complete as many reps as you can with proper form. If you can’t go down all the way, it’s time to stop.

Lateral Skater Jumps

How To:

  • Start standing. 
  • Lift your right foot off the ground. 
  • Squat down slightly on the left and jump off your left leg toward the right. 
  • Land on your right leg with your left in the air. 
  • Once you have your balance, jump back over to the left side.

Jump Squats

How To:

  • Start standing. 
  • Reach your arms up overhead. 
  • Throw your arms down and, at the same time, squat down and stick your butt back. 
  • As soon as you reach the bottom, throw your arms up and jump up so your feet leave the ground. 
  • Land softly on your feet and go into the next rep without pausing.

Dumbbell Snatch

How To:

  • Start by filling a big water bottle up or use a tin of some kind as your dumbbell
  • Start with your ‘dumbbell’ on the ground, between your feet. 
  • Go down and grab the ‘dumbbell’ with your hand. 
  • Your knuckles should be facing forward. 
  • Stand up with the ‘dumbbell’ slightly so your knees are still bent and it’s between your knees.

Step Up & Press

How To:

  • You’ll need a chair, couch or stool that’s sturdy enough to step onto.
  •  Grab your weights and bring them up to your shoulders. 
  • Put one foot on the chair or stool. 
  • Step up so both feet are on top and you’re standing up straight.
  • Press the ‘dumbbells’ overhead until your arms are locked. 
  • Then, bring the weights back down. 
  • Step back down to the ground and repeat on the same leg.

Mountain Climbers

How To:

  • Start in a pushup position with your hands under your shoulders.
  •  Bring one knee up until it’s under your stomach. 
  • Keep your foot in the air. 
  • Then, you’ll hop and switch legs. 
  • Continue pumping your knees, alternating legs with each repetition.

Tuck Jump Burpee

How To:

  • Start standing, then fold over and put your hands on the ground.
  •  Kick your legs back so you’re in a pushup position. 
  • You’re going to perform one pushup, which you can do with your knees on the ground. 
  • Then, stand back up and jump. 
  • As you jump, tuck your knees like you’re jumping into a pool and doing a cannonball. 
  • Land softly and repeat.

Credit must go to Under Armour’s MyFitnessPal Blog in which this workout was inspired.

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