EWSC is affiliated to the ASA and have therefore adopted and conform to the Wavepower 2016-2019 The ASA Child Safeguarding Policy and Procedures (soon to be updated). This policy has been produced by the ASA to assist clubs in safeguarding and protecting all children. 

EWSC operates to provide a safe, happy and fun environment in which all children can develop their water polo and swimming skills. The responsibility to safeguard does not belong to one person but to every person who plays a part in developing these activities.

The full wave power document can be viewed at:


Members of the coaching team, team managers, committee and others within the club that have contact with children and vulnerable adults and could be seen as a trusted figure within the club will be required by the clubs welfare officer to undergo a DBS check.

The club welfare officer is:  	Tom Benson

If an incident, complaint or concern arises relating to the conduct of a child the club will form a panel of committee members who are not linked to the matter to investigate. The investigation will be documented and will consider the views of all involved. The club has been advised that this type of investigation must include the voice of children, who could provide information that is relevant; in such a case parents will be informed before any children are spoken to.  

The club has a junior representative who sits on the committee. Junior players are encouraged to contact their representatives if they would like any views of the junior members to be taken to the committee or they have any concerns they would like raised.

The Junior representative is: Austin

For any welfare enquiries please email us on